“No steps on the snow” is now a papery book!

The wonderful news of this hot month of July is that my English Edition “No steps on the snow”(New Edition) is now a papery book, immediately available all over the world! It is a dream that comes true for me. This book is the English edition of “Nessun segno sulla neve”, the first one I wrote. In its Italian edition this psychological thriller, with great emotional impact, won the National Literary Award Circe 2013, and was successfully presented in the most important Italian book fairs, such as Modena Literary Fair and the Rome Piùlibripiùliberi Book Fair. It got the best five stars reviews from critics and readers.

It was also chosen by the Rome City Hall for a cultural event of the Roman Summer and presented in the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, during an unforgettable summer evening, while at the piano a music director played, near the Tiber river and under the stars, all the songs that I recalled in the book.  “No steps on the snow” was published in three successful Italian editions and inserted in two editorial collections Beyond the City and Innocent Crimes. It is distributed in UK by Abe Books, Gloucester, assessed with five stars review and it is listed at the Italian & European Bookshop, in London. It climbed the Amazon Best Sellers list in USA, Japan, Germany and Italy.


This book was my first experience. I started writing it in a very particular moment. In fact, working, following my children, my husband and the house, I never had time to sit and write what I had in mind. Unfortunately, in 2008, an accident occurred to me, that left me in bed, motionless, for almost two months. The only hand I could move was the left one. And with this hand I started writing the book. I was alone many hours, everybody was at work or at school, and from my house my glance could caress the Mediterranean Sea. Words and thoughts came easily to fill this story. Italian literary critics defined this book  The one written with the left hand, the hand of the heart…

If you prefer reading a papery book, smelling its scent and save it for ever in your shelf, you can purchase “No steps on the snow”(New Edition) in every Amazon Store. Now you can find it also in paperback, requiring the delivery comfortably at home or at the easier delivery spot .

To celebrate the event of the book release in the papery edition, from July 11th to 15th “No steps on the snow”, in the e-book version, will be in free promotion. Don’t miss it!


Paperback available in Amazon US, UK, DE,FR,ES,IT,JP


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