No steps on the snow (New Edition) in Free Promotion (January 14th to 18th)


NATIONAL LITERARY AWARD “CIRCE 2013”- A psychological thriller that starts nowadays, but deepens its roots in 1968, during the student protest in Rome. THE PLOT:Francesco, a brilliant middle-aged oncologist signs in a social network while surfing the Internet. He bumps into the profile of the girl he was desperately in love with during High School ‘68, when a horrible homicide happened and the guilty was never to be found. His destiny intertwines in an unpredictable way with that of the girl, now a mature woman. Desperate passions and deep loves of a generation belonging to the past. A thriller that leads to a stunning end.

Review by Di Basilio                     cinquejpg

……I think that No Steps on the Snow may very well be put in place as an Italian Thriller, with all the elements to keep viewers glued to the screen, having done the same with readers. I feel really to recommend it because there are many good books for luck, but good books that you’ll always remember are more difficult to find…and this one will be not easily forgotten

Review by Vagabond Vahn

……There is so much I cannot say without ruining the ending, so let me leave it at this: I didn’t see it coming. If you’ve seen the movie Audition by Japanese director Takashi Miike, you know how easy it is to follow the flow of a story and then get hit with a brick in the face as the truth comes out. That happens in No Steps On The Snow, and was well worth my time.

Review by Billy Sneider

…Ms. Alibrandi has written a multi-dimensional book narrated by an Italian male who is a
master in the art of deception. The challenge he faces is how to avoid deceiving himself.
Bravo Ms. Alibrandi.



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